My name is Rita and, to put it simply, I love to learn.

I spend my days asking questions, like some kid’s character out of a PBS show. The thing is, I’m not in school anymore. I don’t have a teacher to guide me or assign me research anymore. I loved that.

I’m at a point now that if I want to continue along my path of lifelong learning, I have to find my own way and carve it out myself.

Sometimes I’ll stumble. I’ll be wrong. I’ll use a terrible source.

For me, though, learning is fun. Figuring out why things and people work the way they do is a blast. I just need a space for that.

While I am admittedly a dabbler – a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ type who has always been willing to help anyone with their research no matter the subject, my primary areas of interests tend to lie in the areas of the digitization of culture (like the growing reliance on social media), military communities (I’m a navy daughter and spouse!), and religious ‘nones’ – agnostics, atheists, pagans, etc. Basically, those who tend to fall outside the realm of what tends to be considered the religious norm for the United States and why that seems to be on a rise.